Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Horse Drawn Carriages and Manhattan are not a good mix

Scene of the wreck on 1/2/06.
The ASPCA wants to see hansom cabs banned from city streets."Our suggestion is they belong in Central Park," Ed Sayers of the ASPCA said. "Certainly you can have a very nice horse and carriage program in Central Park and keep those horses out of traffic."
I must disagree with Mr. Sayers. Manhattan is not rural America. There should be a substitute for horse-drawn carriages. The entire service is inhumane. The horses are worked long hours in extreme temperature. They are not exercised. There is no paddock in Central Park. Limiting the horses to Central Park is not like allowing them to run in the open fields freely. Central Park consists of asphalt roads - mini highways. I cannot imagine the pain these horses endure pounding the pavement day after day, night after night.

It is a terrible occurrence. More people should get involved in this issue. NYC should wake up to this.
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