Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Carriage Horse Industry at a Crossroads

A Channel 2 CBS news story revealing another side to the industry:


I have grown up with horses all my life. I went to NYC a couple of weeks ago to take a carriage ride out of curiousity and was appalled at the hatefulness of the horses. I inquired to my Irish driver about how these horses lived and this is what he told me:

They ride them to and from the barn which is about 5 miles away. They do NOT have any paddock or field to run around in. These horses are put in a stall and kept there until the next day when they are tacked up and driven into the city again for a grueling 12-14 hours of work including travel time.

Anyone that knows horses know that 1) They are herd animals and need to be around other horses freely 2) They need down time to kick up their heels and gallop around and play/relax, roll on the ground or just plain be with other horses in a wide open space somewhere munching contentedly on their hay.

I can see why most of these horses are insane and mean temperered. They live in a prison every day and even on their days off do not get out of their stalls to "be horses".

To me, that is the epitome of cruelty and totally slavery. I am saddened that most people do not know this and that hardly anyone taking the poll seems to think it is cruel to the horses. How would you like to be locked in a little bedroom after a hard day of work, not able to come out until you were at your workdesk and ready to do it again...no happy hour, no socializing freely with others, no trip to the gym, no watching tv. Some of you might like that but it is the point that you have a choice and can be "human" if you choose to. Cruel cruel cruel.

You can believe that I will not be taking another ride again in New York City unless they change the living conditions of these horses.
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