Friday, June 20, 2008


Farewell To Another Retired Carriage Horse

From the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages

We often mention Central New England Equine Rescue and the wonderful people who run it. It is currently home to two former rescued carriage horses - Monty and Teddy - and was home to the late Lilly. So it is fitting that we remember Sugarfoot, Vicky Berry's family member and best friend. A beautiful Arabian, he came to live with her and her family when he was only two and still growing into his lanky body. He unexpectedly died on May 31 from colic at the age of 24. Sugar had been diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago so he was no longer able to eat as many carrots or the special molasses treat Vicky like to make for the horses on Sunday - although he still managed to get a bit.

I had the honor of meeting Sugar in the summer of 2006 and was so impressed with his gentle ways and his befriending Monty, the former Boston carriage horse. Sugar and Monty soon became best buddies - with Sugar teaching Monty how to play sticks - a fun tug of war game. Cheryl tells a sweet story about Vicky, Larry and Cheryl saying goodnight to the horses in the barn. Everyone was tired after a full day and Vicky yawned. Sugar reacted with a huge horse yawn - the kind with his eyes closed, head and neck stretched way out in front of him and his mouth wide opened with all this teeth showing and his tongue sticking out. Vicky continued to yawn several times, only to be followed each time by Sugar. Everyone got a good laugh out of that and it will remain one of those cherished memories.

Sugar was head of the pack - top horse. Last summer I got to see this up close. One of the young girls had taken Tucker, a rescued miniature horse, for a walk. When they got out of sight, Sugar began calling at the top of his lungs for him to come home. He was worried and felt responsible. Topaz, a lovely horse who was being boarded by Vicky's friend, Paul, also died the very same day from eye cancer. And Annie, that happy dog who was loved by everyone, had died sometime before. Very sad and we remember them here too. But as Vicky says "so time will heal and i need to remember my own words of comfort to others....the losses that cause our greatest sorrow have also brought us our greatest joy. ..and that Sugar did...he brought me the greatest joy anyone could know. " (pictures are of Sugar and Monty playing in the snow and playing "sticks"; playing ball with Annie; just hanging out )

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