Monday, February 09, 2009


I'll let Ms. Forel Speak for herself. I'm not even going to dignify her diatribe. BTW post to the blog and it gets published.

You must be about 14 years old, right? Or else, very unwell. So I'll be gentle.Having your "own blog" means not ripping off and republishing an organization's newsletter verbatim.It is quite outrageous. And then to blog about an email that politely asks you to stop.

Mon Feb 09, 01:14:00 PM 2009

The fact remains that I do not know who you are regardless of past e-mails, which had to be a while ago - and You could have gotten in touch with me to tell me your identity instead of this "mystery" ; that you continue to take verbatim things from my newsletter and mix them up with other things that perhaps I do not agree with. And you have taken our logo. That is trademark infringement. You have no right to it. There are reasons why trademark laws are in effect - even if people believe in the same cause. It is fine that you write a blog - but use your own material the way we all do. And by bad mouthing and insulting me - you are certainly not helping the horses or anyone else. You are just trying to defend bad behavior on your part. Bottom line is that you have no right to steal someone else's work. HorseWatch NYC is also a carriage horse blog but it is original. This mystery game you are playing is simply childish and grossly unprofessional. Do things the correct way - (maybe with permission from those who own the rights to the property) and you would not be getting complaints. Elizabeth Forel

Do you realize that the person you're attacking (Ms. Forel) is the person who founded the Coaliation to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages, and if not for her work, this issue would not be getting the attention and progress that it's finally getting?
I know this because I was part of the original Coalition and have been working closely with Ms. Forel on this issue through Friends of Animals.
Of course she has a right to question your use of her logo and reprinting of her newsletter.
Your out of proportion response and level of hostility is uncalled for.
Why would you choose to detract from the issue and attack one of the strongest supporters for the horses? What purpose does this serve? Please do the right thing and show some respect.
Really, What happened to there is no such thing as bad publicity.

I have been reading this blog for years and have attended countless events and demonstrators and protests in support of the objective of eradicating horse drawn carriages in city streets. I've given of my time and my wallet.

I am not now nor have I ever been confused by this blog.

The Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages logo and text are attributed to you and yours not the Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides NYC (NYC Carriage Horse Project).

You seem to be confusing publicity for a cause with your own self aggrandizement.

You are not the only do gooder on the planet.

Ms. Forel you should be grateful that others share your enthusiasm and cause...unless of course your just some kind of a control freak.

This cause is bigger than you and this blog.
To the blogger: be a mensch!

And a blogging tip: it's better not to republish newspaper articles, even with attribution!
Arlington: If you really care about animals, particularly the carriage horses, you need to take these posts down. You were absolutely wrong in what you did and now you are making it worse by your behavior. You are eating right into the hands of the carriage industry. Don’t be surprised if you also hear from them.

They probably think you are on their side and maybe you are. I also have a blog, but I have never taken the Coalition’s logo or material and if I did, I would have at least attributed it to them … or asked them first. BUT LOGOS ARE DEFINITELY HANDS OFF. I am surprised that you do not know that. Would you also take a PETA logo and use it as your own? Or the Red Cross, Citibank or any other company. What you have done borders on phishing.

BTW I would continue to hide behind your blog name since what you have done is both shameful and stupid.
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