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So I received this comment from Elizabeth Forel of The Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "WE MUST DEFEAT INTRO 653-A": Arlington: You do not have permission to use any information from my newsletter or web site. making it seem that what you are writing comes from me. It does not. You also do not have permission to use our trademarked logo.
I have previously asked you for your identity, which you ignored.
While I appreciate anyone writing against the industry, i do not appreciate what you are doing. Please stop.
Thank you.Elizabeth ForelCoalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages

My response:

Ms. Forel you apparently have nothing else to do but direct your anger at me.

You have NEVER asked me not to republish the information in your newsletter.
What is the purpose of the newsletter, but to dessiminate information. I was merely furthering your cause.

Ms. Forel - get off your high horse; pardon the pun.

You have a very selective memory Ms. Forel. I've identified myself to you in the past -even shared a letter I wrote to Mayor Bloomberg, Avella and Trump with you. You wrote to me a couple of times in the past and it was cordial. You even referred to my blog in your newsletter.

I take offense to your diva attitude.

My eyes have now been opened to you and your organization.
I will request to be taken off your email list and I will NEVER attend one of your demonstrations again.

I started my blog alone and I will continue to do so.

You are one piece of work!

Protecting the carriage horses is everyone's cause - obviously Ms. Forel sees otherwise.
Here's some proof for you Ms Forel:
Sunday, January 7, 2007
Dear Elizabeth -

Thank you for your kind email. I am honored to come in to contact with dedicated people such as yourself.

Thank you for bringing to my attention the issue of searching for my blog on the internet. I'll think of another title for it, so that it appears more often in casual searches for carriage rides in NYC.

My best to you and I remain relentless in my pursuit to ban carriage horses in NYC.

Yours truly,

Elizabeth Forel wrote:
Hello - i was cleaning out my e-mails (phasing out Juno) and came across one of yours, which is probably almost a year old. At that time you asked to be added to e-mail lists about this issue so I have taken the liberty of adding your address to a news letter that I started in September. In this past year, we have had a lot of background work to do regarding our campaign to ban the carriage horse industry from NYC. We now have two web sites and a newsletter and over 8,000 signatures of both tourists and New Yorkers alike.

The most recent newsletter was dated 12/21 - I am taking a break until the end of January.

I also just took a look at your blog - you have been busy! FYI - i have a Google search for "carriage horses" - and your blog has never come up - silly ones have - but not yours? I wonder why that is. The person who oversees my web sites tells me that it is how the search engines work and in your case - they may be hitting the "nyc" first - rather than the word "carriage horse" - just a thought - i am far from an expert. I would not have been aware of your blog - other than the fact you said you had one and I just clicked on the link.

Elizabeth ForelCoalition for New York City Animals, Inc. - to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages -

You must be about 14 years old, right? Or else, very unwell. So I'll be gentle.

Having your "own blog" means not ripping off and republishing an organization's newsletter verbatim.

It is quite outrageous. And then to blog about an email that politely asks you to stop.
The fact remains that I do not know who you are regardless of past e-mails, which had to be a while ago - and You could have gotten in touch with me to tell me your identity instead of this "mystery" ; that you continue to take verbatim things from my newsletter and mix them up with other things that perhaps I do not agree with. And you have taken our logo. That is trademark infringement. You have no right to it. There are reasons why trademark laws are in effect - even if people believe in the same cause. It is fine that you write a blog - but use your own material the way we all do. And by bad mouthing and insulting me - you are certainly not helping the horses or anyone else. You are just trying to defend bad behavior on your part.
Bottom line is that you have no right to steal someone else's work. HorseWatch NYC is also a carriage horse blog but it is original.

This mystery game you are playing is simply childish and grossly unprofessional. Do things the correct way - (maybe with permission from those who own the rights to the property) and you would not be getting complaints.

Elizabeth Forel
If your heart is in the right place, do the right thing and take down that petty last post.

You have started a blog, and this gives you a forum and an opportunity to get the word out about this issue that obviously matters a great deal to you.

While it is fine to mention another organization, it is utterly wrong to present another person's work as your own, with no attribution or even an introduction or credit. It is not even rewritten. And to stick it all under another organization's banner is incomprehensible. As an author, I shudder to think of the potential issues.

You've got the blog up and running. Why not join the legitimate blogosphere and help the horses, in your own way? This kind of nonsense is working at cross purposes and does nothing but distract from serious issues.
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