Monday, February 09, 2009


To the arrogant hypocrites watching my lonely blog

I've never been more disappointed in a group of people that I have physically, financially and spiritually supported for years.

You are indeed everything your critics say you are.

To focus your attention in a pendantic arrogant way (attention that can be well spent elsewhere) on a kindly blogger who has been blogging away before others ever mobilized their efforts is distasteful, uncompassionate and emblematic of the true people you all represent.

God help the carriage horses, as they will not be saved by all of you. You have proven that with your attitudes. And that revelation breaks my heart.

Subject: New York - Please Help Horses Forced To Pull Carriages

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New York - Two Actions You Can Take Today To Help Horses Forced To Pull Carriages
1 - Write a quick letter to the editor of the NY Post
2 - Send an e-mail to your Council Member
1 - The February 9 New York Post has an article entitled "Buggy Buster - Drive To Replace Horses With Model Ts". Read the article here:
Then send a letter to the editor in support of the proposal to this address:
2 - Please send letters e-mails as soon as possible to the New York City Council Members listed below. Ask them not to support Intro 653-A, the carriage horse industry's bill. Stress the financial irregularities and the added tax burden on city residents. See below for talking points, but please put all correspondence in your own words.

Council Committee on Consumer Affairs
(there are 5 members. They vote on this bill first and, if passed, it will go before the entire council.)

Oliver Koppell -

James Gennaro -

Charles Barron - ,

John Liu -

Leroy Comrie -

Bill Sponsors of Intro 653-A
... and e-mails for assistants in their offices if known. The official sponsor of the bill is Kendall Stewart, but David Weprin has taken the lead also. It could be because he is running for Comptroller. Note the inconsistencies between the high standards required of that office, and the many financial issues with the bill.

Simcha Felder -

David Weprin -

Kendall Stewart -

Oliver Koppell -

Suggested Points to Make
1. The bill calls for an increase in rates for the drivers. By law, they can charge $34 for 1/2 hour and $10 for each additional 15 minutes. They plead poverty, that they have not had a raise in 20 years. But the truth is that they have given themselves a raise. You can see this on a YouTube Video and by checking out some of their web sites. See Elaine S' testimony given at the hearing. Use this as a resource to see the overcharging.

In particular look at to see what they are getting away with.

See You tube video -

2. The bill would require that an independent non-governmental agency take over inspections rather than to continue with the ASPCA. This would fall within the purview of the Department of Health and be an added expense to that agency - i.e. NYC taxpayers. At a time when the City is laying off people and cutting agency budgets, this bill would add more cost. The ASPCA should continue with their job. The arrangement proposed by this bill would encourage self-inspections and cover-up.

3. The bill would require that water be available in the two Central Park water troughs year round. Of course we want the horses to have water year round. But the City should not be paying for this - the industry should. Furthermore, because there is no money in the budget to pay for such things, it is unlikely that these water troughs would ever happen under this bill. The real intention of this bill is for a rate increase, not to help the horses.

4. The bill requires that horses must be between the age of 5 and 20 when purchased but DOES NOT provide an age at which a horse must retire. The industry has had horses living into their 30's still working and then being euthanized in their stalls.


Thank you! And please click here to contribute to IDA's efforts to help horses.
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